Dear Grandparent/Grandchild Supporter,

In answer to thousands of inquiries we have received nationwide since we first began in 1978 regarding grandparents rights to visit, and communicate with their grandchildren once that relationship has been denied, we have formed a nonprofit educational support group called Grandparents Rights Organization (GRO). GRO' is designed to advocate and foster close and continuing relationships between grandparents and grandchildren when those contracts have been denied by parents or a custodian because of death, divorce, or family bickering.

Membership in the Grandparents Rights Organization requires a small tax deductible contribution which will help our organization grow. It will entitle GRO members many things including learning about the laws within your state and what can be done if no law exists to protect the grandchild/grandparent relationship. Newsletters will be sent, as well as, other articles of information regarding this most pressing problem.

We need your support and commitment now! Remember, if death takes a grandparent from a grandchild, that is a tragedy, but, if petty vindictiveness and hostilities within a family amputate a grandchild from their grandparents, then that is a shame. Please send the following information to receive your membership packet:


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Grandparents Rights Organization 
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*Donations are tax deductible

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